Tips on Keeping Your Smartphone Safe

How do you care for your smartphone? I’m sure you paid a pretty penny for that phone. Did you know that they are just as expensive to fix if something were to happen to them? If you want your phone to last and not end up costing you more money then you have better learn how to take care of it. Your mission, if you wish to accept it or not, is to help prevent your phone from getting damaged. Sounds simple, but is it? According to an article, one of the main reasons a smartphone stops working is because it gets dropped. Now, you would not intentionally drop your phone but accidents do happen. In order to prevent your phone from becoming a drop statistic you need to take proper care of it. The first thing you will want to do is to handle your smartphone with care. … Read More

Neat Gadgets As Christmas Gifts

I was looking at a site that has some of the best gadgets on the web. I really did not know what I was looking for, but that was okay. It was just interesting to look at some of the really neat things that have either recently come out or are very close to coming out to the general public. Though I had no purpose other than just satisfying my fascination, I ended up finding a few really neat Christmas gifts for my family. One of the first things I looked at was a GPS watch for kids.

I am all about safety, especially when it comes to my family. I have four kids. Three are out of school already, so just our 12 year old is left at home. She has been wanting more freedom, and that is something that I can understand. It is also something that scares … Read More